After 7 Day FREE trial,  Just $27/month
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After 7 Day FREE trial - Just $27/month
All Currencies Accepted. Price is in US Dollars. 
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Ambry M.
"Rachele is a vibrant full of energy mentor. She is someone who gets you excited to take on your goals. She truly cares about each client as if they are her best friend! She goes above and beyond and always makes her calls informative, structured and filled with action plans. Her tools have helped me create a better version of myself. She helps you focus in on your goals and create a mission statement for your soul purpose in life. The benefits I've had since working with her are tremendous I am more goal driven then ever. She gets your mind in a place of focus to kick ass and achieve whatever your heart desires! Working with her is truly a game changer!!"
Rebecca J.
"If you’ve seen even one of Rachele’s posts, you know she’s a combination of exuberant love and fierce tenacity to create joyful change in herself and inspire the world to do the same.
And if you’ve watched a few videos, you might guess that 1:1 coaching with Rachele would be a game-changer. I’m here to tell you….YES!
I started working with Rachele while clawing my way out of the latest heartbreak pothole in a ridiculously drawn out break-up. I was beyond frustrated with myself for still being in the devastation-cycle, especially after trying every empowerment thing under the sun. In our first session, I tearfully explained I told her that I just could not translate the confidence, success and “knowing that everything is working for the good” that comes so easily to me professionally into my romantic relationships. Rachele’s given me a host of concrete tools to help me bridge that gap and develop an innate sense of my own power. I look forward to our weekly sessions and (key for those of us who get “too busy”), she is on top of me daily to keep me accountable for prioritizing her signature disruptive dares, visualizations and empowering questions. I already know the internal foundation I’m building with Rachele will be invaluable as I create the next big phase of my life. I’m consciously deepening my relationships within my community, exploring new ways of interacting in the world and finding creative ways to reach for happy. So, if you’re frustrated, paralyzed, stuck or you’re just generally ready for a shift, Rachele’s your girl. Be warned: you gotta be willing to step up to the challenge. Once Rachele’s got her hands on you, she’ll be a ferocious stand for You. And she won’t stop until you are, too."  
McKenna B.
"I hardly know where to begin. Working with Rachele has literally been a dream in the making. I don't know too many people who can say that they work side-by-side with one of their personal heroes on a daily basis...and I still can't believe that I'm among them! Rachele has provided me understanding, love, and a safe space to reconnect with myself and the courage, compassion, and support to bravely pursue the life that I know I was destined to live. Rachele has a gift for seeing potential and passion in people and working with them to magnify those talents into reality and into careers. I can honestly say that Rachele has been pivotal in the most impactful positive shift in my life. I am forever grateful." 
Destiny G.
"Everytime I think back to the day Rachele told me that she would love to have me working alongside her — I still sometimes can't believe it. I was so in shock that I almost didn't believe it. She's become my big sister; someone I look up to and the person I go to when I'm feeling down. Within the last five months she's taught me what self-love is in a whole new light, she's allowed me to know that it is okay to quit something that isn't pushing me to be a better version of myself. She keeps me motivated and inspired." 
Here's What You'll Get Every Week:
  •  Monday's : DisruptiveDare Challenge for the week! Weekly giveaways for MVP of the week! 
  •  Tuesday's: DisruptiveThought Day - Empowerment sessions from our game changer  book of the month! 
  •  Wednesday's: LIVE WORKOUTS  that will challenge, change, and empower  you! A mix of Dance, Yoga, Strength, HIIT, Kickboxing... so you never get board! 
  •  Thursday's: Special Guest and Goal achievement day... "We believe in modeling success!" Learn from the very best... become your very best! 
  •  Fridays's: FOOD and FUN! New recipe, beauty, and  health hack plus bonus LIVE ASK ME ANYTHING Q&A!  
  •  Saturday's: Recap of lessons learned throughout week and  award given  to our special MVP of the week!  
  •  Sunday's: Rest and Rejuvenate Day! 
Become The Very Best You In A Super Fun Creative Way! 
  •  Weekly Disruptive Dares - Disrupt your comfort zone, build confidence, and earn points and prizes! 
  •  Special Guest Interviews and Exclusive Content!
  •  Weekly Live Workouts 
  •  Dance, Yoga, HIIT, Stretch, Kickboxing, Strength Training
  •  Exclusive weekly Q&A Session with Rachele Brooke Smith
  •   Exclusive accesses to behind the scenes footage with Rachele and her co-stars on films and tv shows
  •   Special lessons on how to get into the acting, dancing, modeling industry
  •   Special lessons on how to use your gifts and talents to become a social influencer 
  •  Regular Super Fun Recipes to Disrupt Your Diet and give you amazing lasting energy.
  •  Licensed Nutritionist on staff - Disrupt food myths and get rid of the diet confusion forever!
  •  Access to private Book Club - Find new inspiration to create your own passion-filled extraordinary life!
  •  Stress Management Coach on Staff – Learn how to de-stress your life! 
  •  AND Access to a Private Facebook Group of Like-Minded awesome girls and Influencers around the world!
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  •  Exclusive discounts at DisruptiveApparel.com 
  •  Free Download of The Action-Hero-At-Life Album on iTunes 

After 7 Day FREE trial,  Just $27/month
All Currencies Accepted.   Price is in US Dollars. 
Current Conversion Rates Applied
After 7 Day FREE trial, Just $27/month
All Currencies Accepted. Price is in US Dollars. 
Current Conversion Rates Applied
Get over $1000 in value!
Awesomeness 100% Guaranteed!

"Not even this can begin to describe the confidence & love that Rachele has helped me to instill in myself. Saying that working with Rachele changed my life would be an understatement. The ‘Ridiculous Confidence’ program that she was offering came at a time where I had been actively looking to work with a trainer, and what set Rachele apart was that she focused on the mental aspects, just as much as she focused on the physical. I have always been passionate about self-help and personal development, but haven’t always put it at the forefront. In working with Rachele, I learned more and more about myself each day, and came to a greater understanding that in order to be the best version of myself for others, I first needed to learn how to better love myself. I had grown up watching Rachele in film, and already knew she was talented, but it wasn’t until I really got to work with her directly, that I realized just how multi-faceted she was."

Karina G.
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